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Swiss Heritage Wines can only be shipped to address' inside the state of Ohio

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Swiss Heritage Winery

During the 14th and 15th centuries in Germany, Italy, France and Switzerland, the cheesemaker was often one of a town’s most important people. His cheese was a great food staple used by almost everyone for cooking and eating. Along with providing the villages with delicious cheeses, the cheesemaker was known for yet another product, wine. Each cheese maker had his own "wine barrel". When a cheese customer would come by for an order of cheese, they would also imbibe in a cup of the cheesemaker’s special wine. The production of wine and cheese utilizes many similar techniques, namely preparation, patience and pride. As time went on, this art of cheese making (and wine making) spread to the new world. These traditions have carried into the 21st century.

The Broad Run Cheese House is now making their delicious wines available to the public. "Swiss Heritage Wines" are available by the bottle exclusively at the Broad Run Cheese House. It is the perfect partner to their great cheeses. Wine and cheese compliment each other, and now Broad Run produces both. Swiss Heritage Wines are a blend of the traditional old world and the expertise of some of New York’s most respected wine makers. The wines are available in many flavors. Adults may purchase a sample at the wine counter along with samples of Broad Run’s award winning cheeses.

The cheese and wine shop is open Monday through Saturday.